Happy Friday! Our dinner menu this week is pretty relaxed, with lots of quick to prepare recipes. The last week was pretty hectic as I was summoned for jury duty, the husband was out of town, and we had bitter cold temps which means some extra chores to take care of the pets. In short, mama needs a break!

One way I get that break and try to reduce our food waste is by incorporating a leftovers night into our menu. Usually we try to use leftovers for lunch, since our oldest son and I eat lunch at home most days. Even with that we often have some extras that need to be eaten - since I seem to only be able to cook for 8 people. Leftover night is a great way to use up those servings and make sure we aren't tossing food. (Although, don't tell the chickens. They LOVE leftovers!)

If you made slow cooker spaghetti last week, we are bringing this to the menu again since our little guy LOVES spaghetti. I swear he could eat that, tacos and nachos exclusively. This means you can utilize the sauce you made last week, and virtually have another night off.

This Week's Recipes


Lentil Soup with Bread


Cobb Salad
Recipe from Oh My Veggies


Vegetable Lasagna with Everyday Salad and Bread






Grilled Cheese and Soup


Slow Cooker Spaghetti with Everyday Salad and Bread

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