I don't know about you, but planning and coordinating dinner can sometimes take up a significant portion of the day. Over the years I've experimented with a LOT of different menu options. I've found that if I can plan meals a week of meals at once, then it's possible to spend less time at the grocery store and in the kitchen. This will be the first of a weekly series where I share our menu, shopping list and recipes so you can plan once for your dinners each week. This means you'll be able to quickly put together a healthy meal for your family each night.

These recipes are tried and tested by our family before sharing with you. While we are fairly adventurous eaters, you'll primarily see vegetarian offerings that range from simple to complex. We try to have one special family dinner that tends to require a bit more prep each week so that we can regroup and catch up (right now that happens on Wednesday).

Since these are family menus, you may see some of our favorites more than once. We tend to have seasonal themes that for our daily choices. For example, right now we are having soup on most Mondays during the winter and eating that for lunch the rest of the week. Please take the liberty to rearrange this menu to better fit your schedule or sub in your favorite recipes for something that might not work for your family.

I'll update these menus for you each week on Thursday, so you have time to prep for the following week. Have questions about a recipe or suggestions? I'd love to hear how you like this format and what could be added or modified to make this even more useful for you.

This Week's Recipes


Slow Cooker Spaghetti with Everyday Salad and Bread


Black Bean Soup with Bread
Recipe from Bob's Red Mill


Thai Salad with Tofu
Recipe from jessicagavin.com


Lemon Chili Pasta with Everyday Salad and Bread


Black Bean Nachos


Cheese Board


Black Bean Tacos

Download the Meal Plan Here