Spring is coming! We are so excited to have a little bit of sun, and incorporated some lighter meals into this week's menu. Our Monday schedule recently changed, so you'll start seeing a crockpot recipe in that slot for the next few weeks. Even when we are home, I love using crock pot recipes where you can toss in the ingredients and turn it on until you're ready to eat.

We're also featuring our family's favorite Quiche recipe which is a great way to use up veggies that are in the fridge. You really can use virtually any veggies, add some cheese and eggs and you've got dinner in about an hour. Don't have that much time on a weeknight? Make it on Saturday or on a night you have more time and reheat.

Each time I do meal planning, I ask the family for their input about what they want to include. Sometimes they don't have a ton of feedback, and other times they plan the entire menu. This week, our daughter requested Chuckwagon Wheelies. It's an old family recipe I ate as a kid and loved, that we've adapted to be a vegetarian casserole. It's so good and cheesy!

One bit of news this week - I'm experimenting with the format of the meal plans. Instead of providing a PDF download, I'm offering links to the individual recipes in the post (below) and a PDF version of the shopping list that you can print and take with you to the store. I thought this might make it easier for you to use your phone or tablet in the kitchen, but please let me know if you have a format preference!

This Week's Recipes


Crockpot Curry with Rice


Oven Baked Quesadillas


Clean out the Fridge Quiche




Greek Couscous Salad
From Almond to Zest


Chuckwagon Wheelies


Thai Slaw with Tofu

Download the Shopping List Here