Welcome to this week's meal plan! It's still a bit cold here, so we're enjoying the last bit of winter with some comfort food. You can't beat a great chili or cozy spaghetti dinner when the wind is howling outside. If you've made slow cooker spaghetti in the past and have some in your freezer, this is a great time to use that in your weekly menu. We're using it twice this week - once in the pizza and then again for the spaghetti on Sunday.

Don't be scared of the homemade pizza recipe! Making pizza dough is a great introduction to bread making, and really just requires a bit of time. Make sure you plan about two hours to make this, or make the dough the night before and let it sit in the fridge when you'd normally let it rise. Don't want to make your own pizza dough? Totally okay to buy some pre-made dough. No one is winning any prizes here for making pizza dough - we just don't have a great source in the tiny town that I live in.

I hope your family loves the menu this week, it incorporates a lot of our family favorites. To be fair though, we REALLY like food at our house so that list is long.

This Week's Recipes


Vegetarian Chili with Cornbread


Oven Baked Tofu, Broccoli & Rice


Southwest Salad






Sriracha Tofu with Ramen Noodles
From Olives for Dinner


Slow Cooker Spaghetti, Everyday Salad and Bread

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