Friends, I had a chance to visit a local U Pick Flower Farm this weekend and it was AMAZING! A short drive outside of Spokane city limits will take you to Half Moon Blooms, a family farm that specializes in growing cut flowers. It is the most adorable place!


Upon arrival you're greeted by signs directing you to the abundance of flowers. Enter the garden gate and you're tranported into a world of color that makes you feel like you've stepped into the secret garden. Meander through the main walkway to the back of the garden, absorbing the loveliness along the way.


The workbench in the back is the real start of your adventure. Here you'll find guidance about the process and some garden notes, buckets to hold your flowers, snips and a lovely kitty that wants all of the attentions.



Once you've gathered your tools, it's time to meander! I somehow managed to spend almost an hour wandering through the blooms and enjoying the space. There were different varieties to choose from, I ended up filling two buckets with blooms. Because let's be honest, one just isn't enough! In addition to the garden being filled with florals, it was mesmerizing to watch the birds and bees working steadily in the space.




I finally managed to muster some self restraint and finished selecting blooms, transferring them to a container to take home.


After obtaining the kitty's approval of our selections and a final check for insect stowaways, it was time to head out with one last meander through the garden on the way to the car.


Once home, we made some many mini-bouquets to scatter around the house. I love using mason jars as containers - they're subtle, adorable and hold just the right amount of flowers.




We also have a couple beloved containers that are sentimental (my favorite kind), so put some blooms in those as well as an excuse to bring out some of my favorite vases.



If you get the chance, go see Half Moon Blooms before summer is over! Watch their facebook page for extra u-pick nights. In the area but want to make a quick stop? Visit their grab and go display to spread the flower love!