About a year ago, I took a rock mandala painting class through one of our local libraries. It was tour blissful hours of rock painting meditation and I was HOOKED! For nearly nothing you can occupy yourself for an hour (or five), making adorable rock creations to beautify your space. We've expanded our rock painting to include pet rocks as well as rocks to share around the community. It's pretty fun to hide rocks in the hopes that they are found and bring joy to someone's day, also to hide them around the garden to surprise guests. Rock painting is a fantastic activity for kids and adults alike. Frankly, the kids and I usually start painting rocks and I'm still at it long after they've left.

You don't need a lot of supplies to get started. Here's what we recommend:

  • Rocks - gather some from your local outdoor space
  • Acrylic paint - we use the small containers from the craft store
  • Paint tools - rock pets are best suited to some kind of paint brush, but for mandalas, you can use anything with a circle shape. We love toothpicks, both ends of skewers and the bottom of paint brushes.

The kids are all about rock animals. Me? I just paint with dots... Here's a quick tutorial on how I create a simple mandala to get you inspired to create one for yourself.

Start by painting the area you'll cover with the mandala in black. Let this dry completely.


Make a big circle in the center. I like to do this in a light color, then layer with other shades later on.


Begin adding coordinating dots around the main circle. The trick here is to evenly divide the outside of the circle to place your dots. Usually five or six dots work great. I made seven because I like to not follow my own advice.


For subsequent rows of dots, you'll want to place them IN BETWEEN the previous row. This keeps things looking cohesive and helps everything be spaced properly. Keep doing this with different sized dots until you like the pattern you've made.


Lastly - embellish! Add multiple layers of paints on the dots to create color depth, make trailing dots that create starbursts, or add glitter paint for fun. The choices are up to you.