You may have seen our post this summer about our chickens, and I realized it's high time we introduce you to the doggos! We are blessed to have two dogs in our family that are always good for a laugh and up for an adventure.

Meet Queue and Koda!




This little miss is a 10 year old harrier. Favorite hobbies include stealing food off of the counter, exploring the contents of the trash canisters, and howling at the UPS truck. Queue can often be found lying on any soft fluffy surface and prefers to cuddle with blankets for maximum warmth.

For those of you that aren't familiar with the harrier breed, they were originally bred to hunt rabbits and are between the size of a beagle and foxhound. Harriers are great family pets as they are exceptionally friendly and pack oriented. Downsides of the harrier breed are that they need to be kept busy mentally with lots of opportunities to sniff things, otherwise they'll figure out how to open doors and help themselves to dog food for a week straight before you figure it out. Not that I'm saying that from experience or anything...



Miss Koda is a super sweet golden lab/retriever mix, who is 7 years old. Koda's favorite hobbies include running through the forest, resting her head on your knee and chewing bones. She loves to act like a lunatic when her friends next door are outside, making sure the entire neighborhood is awake and alert. She also likes to cuddle and prefers the floor or couch to a dog bed.

Growing up we had laborador retrievers for our family dogs, so I was so excited to bring Koda into the family. What I didn't realize was what an awesome influence the retriever portion of her breed would be! She is such a sweet pup, and is best friends with our youngest son (featured in our post about wreath making).



This weekend we had the pups up with us at Tangled Acres, where they love to wrestle, cuddle and generally run amok. Do you have dogs in your family? Tag us on Instagram (@bimbleandburble) and share your fur kiddo's picture!