I am NOT a morning person, as my husband and kids can attest. Most days I stumble out of bed after the hubs has graciously delivered a cup of coffee bedside. This means that breakfast is a meal I often skip, in favor of a mid-day snack or brunch. While every attempt has been made to convince myself to eat breakfast more often, smoothie packs are one of our favorite fast breakfasts since we can make a bunch in a half hour and have them in the freezer until it's smoothie time. (Which is still 10 AM, let's be honest.)

To make your smoothie packs you'll need some fruit and greens. Have your favorite milk or juice and protein powder on hand. Gather your favorite frozen fruit mix, you'll need 1 cup for each smoothie pack. I use frozen fruit because it doesn't stick together and make a giant ice chunk, but you could use fresh fruit here as well. Our favorite is a triple berry blend, but I've been experimenting with some other options and have found adding a few cherries to each pack is delicious! We've also added bananas and other fruit blends that have pineapple, melons, etc. Honestly, you really can't go wrong if you choose fruit you enjoy normally.


We add greens to our smoothies, for an extra bit of fiber which helps keep me full longer. Last summer we were super lucky and a friend gave us a gigantic bag of kale from her garden, which we used to make loads of smoothie packs. When we don't have access to freshly grown greens, we use baby kale, spinach, or a power greens blend that you could easily find at your local grocery. Today I'm using a bunch of red kale that's been chopped into reasonably small chunks. Once you've decided on greens, grab a reasonable handful - about a cup, and put it in the bag. Spinach is sometimes a little strong tasting, so if you're new to greens in your smoothies it might be a good idea to use a smaller handful of greens until you get used to the flavor.


Seal the bags and toss into your freezer for safekeeping. That's it! Pre-portioned smoothie packs all ready for you to consume while in your morning haze. These guys will keep for months in the freezer, so make as many as you have room for.

When it's time to use your smoothie packs, empty the contents into your blender. Add a scoop of your favorite protein powder (we like Vega protein powders) and 2 cups of liquid. For a creamier smoothie, we use 1 cup of almond milk and 1 cup of water. If you're in a hurry or don't have almond milk, just use 2 cups of any liquid. Water, juice, and coconut water all work great.

Blend until smooth, pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!