This weekend we snuck up to our mountain property for a weekend of family time and outdoor adventures. We've recently dubbed this spot with a name - Tangled Acres. As the name suggests, the location is several acres of thick forested land which is perfect for wandering and foraging.

With the holiday season upon us, it's fun to do a little bit of tree trimming and use those cuttings to make wreaths for your home (and if you're feeling generous, maybe your family's homes). This year we ended up making four wreaths, one for our family, my parents, sister and brother's family.

You can make these wreaths with virtually any greenery you can get your hands on, including cuttings from the base of your Christmas tree, some evergreens in your backyard, or if your neighbors are nice - maybe theirs. Please do be conscientious and select greenery from locations where you have permission!


  • Greenery Cuttings, select one type or a variety
  • Wreath Form
  • 22 gauge Floral Wire, the one on a "paddle" works best
  • Floral snips

The Method

Wander aimlessly through the forest to find just the right branches to trim, cut the branches, and convince your helper to load his ATV up with branches to haul back to your work area.



Begin by trimming your greenery cuttings down to wreath sized pieces - 8-12 inches long. I like to keep the tips of the greenery as much as possible, since I like the way the natural ends look best. Make a big pile of these so you can grab and go once you get the wreath started. We found some fir, cedar and holly to use in our wreaths this year.


Begin the wreath by wrapping a bit of the wire around the wreath form near one of the supports. I like to weave the wire in between the rows and on either side of the support, then twist the ends together to ensure there is no movement during construction.


Grab a handful of your trimmings that will be used for the majority of your wreath. Lay these down on the wreath form an tightly wrap the wire around the trimmings and the wreath form, about 1/3 of the way from the end of the trimmings. If you have multiple types of greenery that you're including, now is a good time to layer the accent trimmings on top of the bunch that you just wrapped. Wrap this tightly a couple more times.


Repeat this bunching and wrapping process until you fill your wreath form. The ends of the last bunch that you add will need to be tucked under the fluffy part of the first bunch that was attached.


Leave a tail of wire about 4-6 inches long, wrap this around the back of the wreath to secure and voila! You have a gorgeous, handmade wreath!


We'll be decorating ours with some floral wire and pinecones in the coming days, follow us on Instagram (@bimbleandburble) to see the fully decorated wreath!