Teenagers are seriously the best! Can you excuse me for a moment while I dote on my kiddos a bit? Along with the myriad reasons I deeply appreciate our kids, our daughter and her friend group have recently decided that they are going to get together periodically to cook together. It is honestly the cutest thing. Imagine a mix of kids with varying degrees of experience in the kitchen getting together to teach each other how to make their favorite dishes.

The bonus? They let us eat too! Over the weekend they made lasagna and had a cookie decorating party in honor of Halloween. It is now Tuesday, do we have any cookies left? Nope, not a one. No regrets here.

We threw this cookie decorating party together in a morning, and you can too! Grab a few friends and some basic ingredients and you'll have a fun afternoon of family or friend time to remember.


We used our favorite cookie recipe, link here. Saturday morning we made a double batch of cookies and let them cool before everyone arrived.

Next we made royal icing, an awesome option for cookie decorating as it dries hard but is still soft enough to eat. We again used the recipe from Sweetopia that can be found here. Once the frosting was made, we colored it and transferred it to piping bags with tips. We knew that the frosting would be used for a number of different decorating methods so made it thicker to allow for piping and spreading, but it was a little too thick to flood a cookie entirely (i.e. cover the top with a big flat layer of frosting). Don't want to make frosting? Grab some tubs from your local supermarket and it will still be a great afternoon.


The teenagers had a blast and decorated about 50 cookies in a couple of hours. It is always amazing to me how creative the cookie designs turned out!