Our front garden is one of my favorite places to relax. It's filled with a variety of flowers and frequent wildlife visitors, making it the perfect sanctuary.

In an effort to reduce our water and have a more bird and butterfly friendly space, we converted our grass into hardscape and perennial beds a few years back. The gardens feature an apple tree, pear tree, daylilies, salvia, hydrangea, peonies, foxglove... The list goes on. Last year we moved some strawberry plants into the gardens to act as a groundcover, and it's been a really fun addition. The kids love to go harvest the fruit - even the teenagers!


This is our deck, where I drink a LOT of coffee. So comfy with a great view of the yard. Our daughter just found them at a yard sale this weekend, so we are still on the search for permanent cushions and pillows.


Our (very weedy) walkway leads up to the house. I do love how the flowers flank the walkways and invite you up to the porch. On the left is a pear tree and the right is an apple tree.


The stairs are lined with some potted plants to bring a little color. It's always an experiment to find plants that work in the pots out front since we often have deer families that come to visit and nibble the plants. This year the experiement is some annuals in the lower pots. In the big pots we are trying some annual lobelia and perennial coral bells.


The left side of the stairs just has one pot, filled with the coral bells and lobelia combination. Fingers crossed the deer leave this pot alone!


From the street you can view the full gardens, full of fun blooms this time of year!


We brought in some different plants in this bed. There's a pink hydrangea in the center, daylilies surround the pear tree, and we have a few rhubarb plants tucked in that provide some great interest with fun leaves.

The plants really seem to be doing well this year, they've had a few years to settle in and are starting to make the most amazing blooms. I hope this inspires you to get out in the garden, whether that means a yard, a balcony or some pots in your kitchen window.

And if you're in the neighborhood, we always have coffee and tea ready to drink on the porch. Happy gardening!