Over the last year or so I've been on a quest to find some natural skincare products that I love. My preference is to use drugstore products since they're a bit easier to get ahold of when, for example, I run out without remembering to add the item to the shopping list. (I know you guys never do that...) I also want products that don't break the bank but are effective.

During the time that I was searching for a new product line, Burt's Bees was in the process of releasing several new lines of skincare. After experimenting with a few different options, I'm happy to report my makeup bag now contains a number of products that fit the bill. Just a note... Burt's Bees has no idea who I am or that I'm reviewing their products. All of the products I've ever used were purchased with my own moola, and this post is not sponsored in any way. Just a girl sharing what she loves with her closest friends. Also note that I don't use Burt's Bees products exclusively.


Here's the rundown:


This cleansing oil is incredible.