You guys! Mother's Day is Sunday! Did that catch anyone else by surprise?

We do our best to show love to the moms in our life throughout the year, but mother's day is a fun time to do something extra. Because let's be honest, giving gifts is fun and when you can share something homemade - it's even better.

I love to spend mother's day hanging out with the family doing whatever activity everyone deems appropriate for the day. When we get the opportunity, spending time outside is our first option. In Spokane there are no guarantees with the weather, so some years we go for a hike and others we stay inside watching movies. No matter what activity we choose, soaking up every minute with the kids who seem to be growing up before my eyes is a special priviledge. The teenagers are especially gracious and always up for an adventure, something I hope continues for a long time!

Take a few moments out of your day to gift your mom a special basket full of supplies to have a relaxing moment to herself. Dads and kids, you can assemble this in short order using supplies you might have around the house!


Make our Hibiscus Geranium Bath Soak and Luscious Bath Bombs. Pair them with a relaxing scented candle or some flowers from the garden and a heartfelt card to make your momma feel special.

Go spread some love!