Welcome to our first crafting tutorial! This month I decided to make felt flowers to add to the wreath on our front door. Usually I just buy silk flowers since they hold up really well outside but I have to say that after making a few (dozen) felt flowers, I fell in love with them. With all of the crafting I've done over the years, somehow I hadn't crossed paths with these beauties. They are so easy to make and add such fun to whatever they adorn.

I've gotta say, that while making this wreath I learned a few things about myself. First, I am REALLY bad at following instructions. I tried to - I really did! But following a pattern and making exact cut outs for these flowers just about made me lose my mind. You'll find that the tutorials we provide are a bit loose with the instruction, great for all of you free spirits out there who live life as it comes. For those of you that want a little more precision, you can do that too! The good news is that both methods will result in incredible flowers, which is the benefit of a forgiving medium such as felt.

To craft your wreath, you'll need the following supplies:

  • Grapevine wreath (choose a size that fits your door)
  • Wreath hanger
  • Felt squares, at least 2 of each color plus green for leaves
  • Hot glue gun (I like low temp)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or string (2 yards would be enough)
  • Wired Ribbon for bow

For my wreath, I made 12 flowers total: one large tree peony, 7 pom pom flowers in various sizes and 4 whimsical ranuculus. Below are links to each of our flower tutorials. Feel free to experiment with colors and sizes of flowers!

Pom Pom Flowers
Whimsical Ranunculus
Tree Peony

Once you've made your felt flowers, you can either glue the flowers right onto the wreath or attach your flowers to a piece of felt so you can reuse your wreath base. If you choose to attach to felt, you'll want to cut a piece of felt in half and glue the flowers to the felt in the arrangement you prefer. Once the glue has dried, carefully cut around the outside of the base felt piece. You'll now have a weird amoeba shape that holds all of your flowers. Take this piece and lay it on the wreath where you'd like to attach it. Starting in the center, begin wrapping the yarn or string around the felt piece and wreath (tying in a knot to secure). Don't worry too much about what it looks like, the yarn will be hidden unless someone looks very closely. Continue to one end of the felt piece, weaving between the flowers, then to the other end and return to the middle. Tie off the end to secure.

Add a wired ribbon and voila! Your wreath is ready to hang!