Our family LOVES water bottles, a lot. Each of us have our own collection, which means sometimes it's tricky to remember whose bottle you just grabbed. We thought it would be fun to find a logo of sorts for each person to use, so out came the trusty Silhouette machine!

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To get started, you'll want to gather the following supplies:

Cutting Files

I used monogram files from the Silhouette Design Store. The exact files I used for this project are:

Adhesive Vinyl

You'll want to use permanent adhesive vinyl for this project, which you can find at virtually any craft store or online. I used Vinyl Ease sheets from Amazon, which you could order here.

I also found it was really useful to use transfer paper to align the designs to make sure that the letters were spaced correctly within the design. I used this transfer paper, which comes on a fairly large roll for multiple projects.

Let's Do This!

Set up your cutting machine and load your designs into the cutting software. The design we are using today uses multiple colors of vinyl, which means you'll need to layer your design before you apply it to the surface. Before cutting your vinyl, add registration marks to your design! Trust me, this will ensure that when you layer your vinyl the images match up correctly and aren't off-center. Registration marks are just shapes placed on each layer of your design to help with placement later, I like to use small squares.

Load your vinyl into your machine and cut each piece. Be sure you've set your machine to the proper vinyl setting to ensure that the vinyl backing doesn't get cut.


Once each piece is cut, trim around them and remove the excess vinyl (also known as "weeding"). Also cut a piece of transfer paper that is large enough to cover your entire design (not shown, because doh!).


Remove the transfer paper from the backing and grab the shape you'll see first. Lay the transfer paper on top of the design. I like to line one corner up with the corner of the transfer paper and then mark the other corner. It seems like you could see everything fine, but that seems to help keep the designs lined up properly. Remove the backing from the design.

This is where it gets tricky... You'll want to repeat this process with the remaining designs, but make sure to line up the registration marks, until all designs are stacked.


Once your design is ready, apply it to your surface. In this case we were using a mug, but any smooth surface will do. Place the sticker carefully and then smooth from the center to the edges.

You'll notice a couple wrinkles in my design - lesson learned. When wrapping around a tapered design, maybe a really big circle isn't the best plan. Luckily the 10 year old loves it anyway because he's cool like that.


Be careful, this will make you want to monogram EVERYTHING!!!