Location: 4427 N Aubrey L White Pkwy, Spokane, WA 99205
GPS Coordinates: 47.696, -117.4944
Distance: 3.1 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Discovery Pass Required
Trail Type: Multiuse, bikes, horses and dogs allowed

Start this hike by traveling over the swinging bridge and heading into the forest. Once over the bridge, turn left and you'll follow trail 25 for the first portion of the hike.


The first part of the trail takes you through basalt formations along the river. Stay left at any forks in the trail.


Don't forget to turn around to view the beautiful Spokane River. You'll retrace this portion of the trail on your return in case you want a second look.


There are a number of spots in the trail that lead to the river, take a minute to soak in the view and watch the water.


The trail is fairly well marked, continue following signs for trail 25.


At this post, turn right to head up the hill following the wide portion of the trail. This leads to the upper section of the trail which will lead you by some of the equestrian areas of the park, where you'll sometimes see horses in the summer.



See this green electrical box? If you walk past this you went too far and should turn around. You'll want to follow the main trail that forks to the right just before you come to this "landmark".



Shortly after taking the fork in the trail you should come across this marker on the tree, indicating you're on the right trail.


The next fork in the trail is a bit more obvious, but this is where we leave trail 25 and take the right fork to head back to the trailhead. If you run into a road at any point you're going the wrong direction, I tested that one for you just to make sure. Ha!


We hiked this in January 2020 which was fairly mild and ran into a bit of snow on the way back.


Also found a super fun teepee type structure!


This is the trail marker indicating you're coming back to the main trail. Stay left to head back to the trailhead and complete the loop.