Hey! My name is Jessie, thanks for joining me at Bimble & Burble. I'm excited to share a part of my world with you, and hope to inspire you to find new ways to learn and grow.

I'm a Pacific Northwest girl through and through, having grown up primarily in eastern Washington state. My very favorite things to do are spend time outside wandering through the trees or hanging out in or near one of our many lakes. The Spokane area is full of gems that I am eager to introduce to you, including some great waterfall chasing hikes, fantastic restaurants and fun boutique shops.

Food has always been a central part of my world, and I love to cook and share special meals with family and friends as often as possible. I hope you're ready to learn about our family's top secret favorite recipes and try them for yourself. As a vegetarian in a family of meat eaters, many recipes are converted to vegetarian with options for both lifestyles.

Over time I've picked up a couple (eh, em... dozen) hobbies, which means there's a never a shortage of projects happening in our house all the time. You'll see highlights that include my favorite crafts, gardening tips, sewing projects and how we tackle our really, really long list of remodeling projects.

Our family loves to travel and we are always on the search for a new destination to check out. We take lots of road trips, fun family vacations and weekend getaways whenever we get the chance. It's thrilling to visit a new place and discover the local charm, while leaving a piece of yourself along the way.

Let's do this!